Tito Diaz. Barcelona, 1958.

"Elephant" project.
"Elephant fingers".
"Elephant cube".
"Ourvoiremourmoire". Internet live-streaming events.

Festival arts électroniques de Dijon. Concert I.S.D.N. Dijon-Tokio. Atau Tanaka and Zbigniew Karkowski from Tokio, Tito from Dijon. "Alpha" project.

Concert at the "Salle Garage", Paris, with Kasper, Fred Bigo and Suguru Gotto.
Concert with the Sensor Band, "Salle Garage", Paris.
Concert with Suguru Gotto, Sonar, Barcelona.
Concert with Suguru Gotto, Moulin Joly, Paris.
Festival Art Futura, Madrid, internet concert ( using ISDN ) Madrid-Tokio with Atau Tanaka. Interpretation, with Masaki Iwana and Chizuru Hosoya, of the Buto opera "Lowly God",
at the Chapelle Saint Louis, Salpetrière, Paris.

Concert at the "Salle Garage", Paris, with Atau Tanaka.
Concert at the "Cyber Café", Brussels, with Atau Tanaka.
Tito composes "Organic Malbient" and presents it at "Gràcia Territori Off-Sonar,"
Barcelona. Paris-Tokyo Concert via the Internet, with Atau Tanaka and
Zbigniew Karkowski in Tokyo, and Suguru Gotto and Tito in Paris.

Tito paints the "Electronic circuits" and the "Magnetic fields" series in Paris.

Concert via the Internet (using ISDN), with Atau Tanaka.
Concert at the "Rave Chill-Out", Paris, with Atau Tanaka.

Tito paints the "Liquens" and the "Sous-terre" series in Paris.
He participates in SONAR, CCCB, Barcelona.

Installation of a bones sculpture in the Parc de la Ciudadela,Barcelona.
Presentation of about a hundred sound performances, in the permanent installation at the artist'studio in Barcelona.
Presentation of a sound performance for the extinguishing of the Paraolympic flame at the Olympic Stadium of Barcelona, for the closing ceremony.
Installation of an interactive sounding sculpture, sitting in a forest of Gerona,
Spain. Private collection.
Production of the video "Laystall" in collaboration with Ramiro AurÌn,
and composition of the music by Tito.
Presentation of a video-sculpture during the congress "Medio Ambiente Urbano" organized by the"Colegio Oficial de Biólogos", and the "Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos de Barcelona" at the Mapfre To w e r, Barcelona.

"Animals" project.

Collective exhibition, Feria ARCO, Galería Seiquer, Madrid.
Collective exhibition, "Escultura joven"", Caja de ahorros de Sevilla. Sevilla.
Independent exhibition, GalerÌa Berini, Barcelona.

Independent exhibition, Il Molino, Torino.
Independent exhibition, Galerie V.I.A, Paris.

Independent exhibition, Feria ARCO, Galería Moriarty, Madrid.
Independent exhibition, I.C.A.F., London, Calle Gallery, New York.
Independent exhibition, Sala Vinçon, Barcelona.

Independent exhibition, Galería Moriarty, Madrid.

1985 -1988
"Human beings" project.

1974 - 1984
Presentation of a series of videos and performance:
"Orvuarmormuar" Sala Zeleste, Barcelona.
"Putrefaccion y moda" Ovideo, Barcelona.
"Torn'm les fotos" Performance at the presentation of a book by Albert Vidal, Barcelona.
"IN PACE" video-installation, Sala Metropol,Barcelona.
"Capilla ardiente" Performance at the Menendez Pelayo University, Santander.