Entropic memory: the memory of disorder.

Entropic memory or the memory of disorder. Life is entropic in the sense of the cellular disorder that takes place between life and death. By following this concept, I have tried to rehabilitate poetically the meaning of life after death. If matter can travel towards other biological states, the spirit must also have to find its destination.

The materials I work with are diverted from their natural cycle to make us reflect upon the concepts of life, death, process and metamorphosis. Society avoids the debate of life and death. The modern world tends to ignore organic processes and this creates a certain void that affects the relationship between spirit and matter.

Matter receives spirit to make possible its expression in the world. In my work, the spirit receives matter in order to give it a means of communication. These fragments of the past transmit that disquieting organic beauty and preserve, contained in their structure, the memory of life.