I have always believed that from Altamira to the present day, all Art forms are interactive. Electronic sculptures use technology as a support, and bring Art closer to the modern man. Human beings have turned electronic devices into a way of life; not only has technology changed the way we create images and sounds, but it has also modified the way we do business, the way we learn, the way we spend our free time.

During the past fifteen years, there have been many advances in the field of information technology, and of course, this has influenced the artistic disciplines; they have developed new supports that lead us to new forms and concepts.

Alpha is not a simple object related to the space around it, like a work of classical sculpture. It is a sculpture that integrates the concept of time via sound, and light that is used to project images on the central volume.
The interaction takes place when the visitor walks around the pyramid, or when several visitors are observing it at the same time. The robots that are installed at the four angles of the sculptural space, project light drawings and a series of sounds. There are 14 different areas of intervention, and each one of these areas corresponds to a sound frequency, and to various projections of light.Multiple combinations are possible. Alpha tries to transport the spectator to a different dimension in his relationship with the sculpture, and it allows the visitor to express his creativity.
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