All the human beings I know are also Galaxies that contain the secret of the Universe.

, a Horse, a Pig, a Fly, a Tree, a Human, every one of them is a Galaxy that encloses an infinity of Planets and Stars.

ANIMALS is a project in which the animals and their remains are considered as sacred in the traditional sense of the word. That is, they are a part of the whole called Universe.

The Bone has been chosen as the intermediary in this encounter, because it is an organism which, once the putrefaction stage has taken place, is absorbed by the Earth and goes on to another level.
Electrified horse's spinal column, 1990
When it is alive, it produces millions of globules, because it is part of a bone structure. Once it is dead, vultures, kites, crows, foxes and other carrion-eaters engulf the animal. Then butterflies, snails and flies, continue to polish the bone. Rain and sun purify it and finally, the Earth absorbs it. At this point, I gather the Bones in the fields where the peasant dispose of dead beasts.

Afterwards, the bones are classified according to the energetic tensions that fill the space. They channel these energies, thereby functioning as offerings in the traditional sense. Sound is the unifying thread in the installation and it is created with an electrified Horse spinal column that has six strings. Via the sound, I enter a level of consciousness in which I am able to intervene in space with bones. With the sound representations, listeners begin to enter this new mode of understanding. The Bones are part of this dimension that we call Death, but they can transmit knowledge and experience.