This project is based on the combination of two different disciplines: sculpture and music. The meeting point is the relationship between matter and sound.

an electrified elephant's column, connected to a computer. With the use of a computer program, the visitors will be able to manipulate the sounds that the instrument produces, and obtain certain explanations concerning the work process prior to the exhibition.

the concert will take place at the showroom, and will last 45 minutes.

the idea of an "entropic memory" has been the center of my work for quite a while. Once again, in the project, I attempt to let the memory of matter communicate its signs of life. In fact, it is a poetic encounter that goes beyond what we normally call death. Rather than seeing death as an end, we will see death as the transmutation of matter and of the spirit that animates it. In a way, we are the bones of this elephant, the information hidden in the elephant's bones will open up a new dimension to our experience of sound.

Elephant Fingers is a work which evolved as a prototype of the elephant's spinal column, because of the delay there has been in the arrival of the elephant's skeleton, which has continued now for some months owing to bureaucratic problems in Tanzania.

While waiting for this precious material, Tito decided to create a structure 3 metres long in order to start experimenting with the cable vibrations -for they are longer than the ones on his previous sculptures- with the width, and with other details concerning the sound quality of the new instrument under investigation.

The result is a new sound sculpture with which he has already begun to give internet live-streaming concerts on the "ourvoiremourmoire" web.
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