The material used in this project is hair, which comes from 400.000 people. The hair is turned into compact blocks with a specially designed cylindrical device. The rotating motion of the machine together with water as sole agglutinant, created a very cohesive tissue.
The project consist of two tons of hair, presented in blocks of different sizes, that can be up to two meters hig hand one meter diameter. The articulation of the blocks is the essence of this installation. It creates tensions between the different volumes in their relationship with space. The installation is accompanied by some 150 drawings.The sound is of human murmuring.

Human beings is a sculptural installation which uses human hair as its medium. I have always been fascinated by all creatures that live on this planet, and this is why I dedicated my first project to our species. I chose hair to be my main material because it is the most lively element of our body, with its disturbing beauty, and its symbolic quality. This choice of subject and material has always been the center of a polemic, which has nothing to do with my artistic intention. "HUMAN BEINGS" is a eulogy to nature, a reflection on matter as a state of becoming, and a tribute to the human species.
This work speaks about us and about sculpture as a discipline that can generate energy beyond death - it communicates in the same language that sculpture has communicated since the beginning of time. Nevertheless, the occidental experience has been so self-destructive in relation to nature, that when people see my work, they often mention destruction and holocaust.
Hair never leaves anyone indifferent. It immediately evokes a world of dreams and taboos, of seduction and rejection.
With this work of 1986-1989, I began a series of projects that introduced me to what would later be the center of my artistic thought: matter,anti-matter, entropy, time, and metamorphosis.