Human Beings Project . 1985 - 1988

The material used in this project is hair, which comes from 400.000 people. The hair is turned into compact blocks with a specially designed cylindrical device.
Animals Project 1988 - 1993

The materials used in this project are horse bones, dog bones, pig bones, rabbit bones, ox bones, calf bones, cow bones. These bones were gathered in the mountains around Huesca (Spain), in fields where vultures feed.

Electronic Circuits and Magnetic Fields 1988 - 2000

The electronic circuits and magnetic fields are interdisciplinary art objects that bring together painting, video-projection and sound..
Elephant Cube 1999 - 2000

Elephant Cube is a multimedia installation about elephants. Formally, it consists of a 4,15 x 3,50 x 3,50m cube completely covered with synthetic elephant skin, except for the top, that will be turned into the projection of an elephant's eye.

Alpha Cybernetic Sculpture 1997 - 2000

I have always believed that from Altamira to the present day, all Art forms are interactive. Electronic sculptures use technology as a support, and bring Art closer to the modern man.
Elephant 1999 - 2000

Elephant Fingers is a work which evolved as a prototype of the elephant's spinal column, because of the delay there has been in the arrival of the elephant's skeleton, which has continued now for some months owing to bureaucratic problems in Tanzania.